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Telwin InverSpotter 14000 SmartAqua

The Smart Spot Welder with Aqua Cooling Technology "Made in Italy"

InverSpotter 14000 SmartAqua at-a-glance

  • WAVE OS : Facilitates man-machine interaction and traces all the working parameters in order to elaborate and revise them.
  • SMART AUTOSET : The Made-in-Telwin technology, SMART AUTOSET allows the automatic detection of both material and thickness, without manual settings and/or reference tables.
  • SHARK A7 : Is the revolutionary arm for spot welding designed by Telwin to simplify body shop operations.

Telwin InverSpotter 14000 SmartAqua

Medium frequency, direct current (MFDC) inverter technology, microprocessor controlled resistance welding machine.
The POWER GUN technology allows for high spot-welding currents with low absorption rates, the use of longer (5m) and lighter cables for better holding and a wider range of action and minimum magnetic fields around the cables. Automatic pressure monitoring ensures excellent adjustment of the force applied to the gun electrodes.
It is particularly suitable for body shop applications and industrial use and gives excellent results on high-strength steel (HSS)/boron and galvanized metal sheets.
The innovative SMART AUTOSET technology, thanks to the automatic recognition of the materials and thickness, eliminates set-up times and guarantees optimal spot welding even if the types of steel to be processed are not known.
The WAVE technology facilitates interaction with the machine and tracks all operating parameters for their processing and reporting.
The multifunction digital panel can be used to select the automatic Smart Autoset mode as well as the EASY and the manual mode; the programs and reports generated can be transferred to a USB pen drive.
– pre- and post-heating for interventions on HSS and galvanized metals
– automatic recognition of the arm and inserted tool
– monitoring of mains voltage
– automatic cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
– regulation of approach, slope, welding and holding times
– regulation in pulsed welding
– automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes.
Complete with a water-cooled pneumatic gun.

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