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Brake & Clutch Maintenance

Hunter AutoComp Elite® – Brake Lathe

Provide fast and precise brake service to your Customers

AutoComp Elite at-a-glance

  • 50% more power cuts rotors twice as fast as other lathes
  • 12 seconds or less average compensation time
  • Anti-Chatter Technology stops chatter before it starts
  • Touchscreen interface provides easy controls and additional info
  • Digi-Cal instantly measures rotor dimensions and depth of cut
  • Adaptors designed to fit any vehicle
  • Approved and recommended by multiple OEM partners


Brake Maintenance Device

ROMESS – S30-60 A10 RO TWIN at-a-glance

  • Manageable by one person, it optimizes workflow.
  • Robust aluminum design with wheels and castors for easy mobility.
  • Offers high-pressure flushing for reliable ABS, ESP and SBC systems.
  • CE-certified, IP43-protected, and designed with a safety plug for secure operation.
  • Accommodates 30-60L canisters, adjustable 0.4-3.5 bar pressure and built-in shut-off valve for post-repair tests.
  • Precise brake fluid maintenance, ensuring optimal brake system performance.
  • Ideal for busy service centers with 10+ daily brake fluid changes.


Brake Maintenance Device

ROMESS BW1408 T at-a-glance

  • Precise brake fluid maintenance, ensuring optimal brake system performance.
  • Easily carry out brake fluid maintenance and padded handle for full control.
  • Compact, portable brake maintenance device, designed for the use of 5-liter original containers.
  • Level and pressure monitoring, illuminated display alerts for safety, preventing air entry when the container is empty.


Brake/Clutch Maintenance Equipment

ROMESS S-15 at-a-glance

  • For all passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Flow pressure adapted to modern brake systems
  • Mobile brake maintenance unit with an integrated 19-liter tank for DOT brake fluid
  • Brake fluid change; bleed, flush and fill of ABS, ESP, EDS, SBC and clutch systems

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