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Stertil Koni SkyLift

The platform lifts with complete freedom of movement.

Stertil Koni – SkyLift at-a-glance

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is a fully hydraulic platform lift and provides a “clear floor concept” with a completely vertical rise without any horizontal offset. A truly space-saving premium heavy-duty vehicle platform lift compared to a conventional parallelogram or other platform lifts.

  • Various platform lengths from 23 – 48 feet or in tandem 100 feet.
  • Customer configured platform spacing width which can be
    determined during installation.
  • Distinctive Y-Shaped smart design construction.
  • Horizontal forces on the floor anchors only occur when driving
    and braking the vehicle. There are also fewer anchors
    required for mounting the lift.
  • No obstacles on the workshop floor such as base frames or
    other support structures.
  • Independent mechanical locking.
  • Microprocessor-controlled synchronization system.

Stertil Koni SkyLift

Stertil Koni – SkyLift

  • Flush Mounted
    Flush with the floor, for easy drive-on, ideal for low-clearance city transit buses. Lifting height of 69 inches due to unique, longer-leg construction. No protruding obstacles on the workshop floor. A strong and safe galvanized recess cover plate system allows workshop equipment to be easily moved, such as toolboxes, Transmission Jacks and Axle Stands.
  • Semi-Flush Mounted
    Shallow recess construction, thus reduced construction costs in existing building situations. Does not require a pit. Easy drive-on for low-clearance vehicles like buses or commercial vehicles with side skirts.
  • Surface Mounted
    Low drive-on height of only 13.75 inches. Ideal for existing workshop situations. Fewer floor anchors are required than conventional surface-mounted platform lifts. Easy to install, no additional construction work required. Standard versatile drive-on ramps supplied for smooth drive-on, suitable for all types of vehicles.
  • Tandem configuration
    With a special synchronization set and a bridging piece between the two lifts, it is possible to use two SKYLIFT vehicle lifts safely and quickly as either a single long lift or simply as two individual lifts. The drive-on is just as safe and equally smooth as with a single configuration. This is due to the minimal amount of space between the two lifts.


• Recess cover plates for flush-mounted models
• Reverse Roll-Off Protection System
• Additional multi-purpose drive-on approach ramps for a wide range of vehicles
• Optional platform length extensions can be mounted prior to installation or even later with retrofitting
• Synchronization kit for tandem configuration
• Remote control
• Jacking Beams
• Compressed Air Kit
• Two-speed lowering
• LED lighting
• Stertil® GuardTM Anti-Skid Coating
• 49 inches platform extensions


  • Lifting capacity – 62,400
  • Lifting height – 70 inch
  • Lifting time – 90 sec
  • Lifting system – hydraulic
  • Available platform lengths 23′-26′-30′-33
  • Motor capacity 18 HP

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