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Blowtherm World Special 7000 Paint Booth

The dynamic performance booth for painting specialists

Blowtherm World Special 7000 Paint Booth at-a-glance

  • 7 mtrs X 4 mtrs X 2.755 mtrs
  • Double-skin insulated panels
  • 3 windowed vehicle axis door, equipped with anti-panic system
  • Painted ceiling filter frames
  • High-quality illumination for intense and uniform lighting
  • Wall panel joined by H channels and Rock wool insulation
  • Corrosion safe heat exchanger supplying 4 flue ways
  • Direct drive centrifugal fan
  • Electro-mechanical control panel
  • Paint-stop filter trays for air evenness in booth box

Digital Spotter 9000

A wide range of arms for any spot-welding needs

Digital Spotter 9000 at-a-glance

  • Microprocessor controlled, electronic spot-welding machine.
  • Multifunction control panel allows the automatic regulation of spot-welding parameters.
  • Comes with backlit LCD display of the set controls and parameters.
  • Equipped with air cooled pneumatic gun.

Dynasole Customizable Paint Booth

Passenger Cars 6m or 7m/Bus and Trucks

Dynasole Customizable Paint Booth at-a-glance

  • Vertical downdraft airflow
  • Service Door Size: Height: 1,900 mm, Width: 620 mm
  • Air Inlet Blower and Exhaust Blower consisting of a Double Inlet Forward Curved Fan for Silent Function
  • Inlet Blower: 24,000 m3/hr, 10 HP motor, 1440 rpm, 3-phase, 415 V
  • Exhaust Blower: 17,000 m3/hr, 5 HP motor, 1440 rpm, 3-phase, 415 V
  • Non-woven imported filters
  • Roof-mounted Dryer Units for Water-borne Paints
  • Control panel with independent controls (5 No.) for different operations

Easycut 40

Single-phase Plasma Cutter

Easycut 40 at-a-glance

The ultra-compact EASYCUT 40 is an 8 kg plasma cutter featuring a non-HF starting voltage, making it perfect for cutting all types of metal up to 20 mm thick. With a power output of 40 A, it is fantastic at precision cutting using a low current.

  • Its inverter technology guarantees quality cutting on all types of steel (soft, stainless, hardened and high-tensile), aluminum copper, etc.
  • Quickly and easily set up consumables.

Gyspot 39.02

Steel Dent Pulling Equipment

Gyspot 39.02 at-a-glance

230V steel dent puller with 3800A output current, ideal for all steel straightening and dent pulling jobs.

  • Microprocessor-controlled user-friendly control panel
  • Automatic triggering gun
  • 4 Mtrs long main supply cable
  • High output current of 3800 Amps

Gyspot Inverter BP.LX

Compact Spot-Welding Equipment.

Gyspot Inverter BP.LX at-a-glance

The Gyspot INVERTER BP.LX product is a real advance in the field of spot-welding equipment.

  • Single-sided welding tool with 3-meter cable
  • Support cable bracket with a telescopic arm
  • 6” Control display
  • Remote control on the clamp

Gyspot PTI-S7

Compact Spot-Welding Equipment.

Gyspot PTI-S7 at-a-glance

The GYSPOT PTI-s7 is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high-strength steel.

  • Ideal C clamp for all types of metal works
  • Lightweight clamp and easy to handle: Weight 10 kg
  • Available with a clamp cable of 4m or 6m
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
  • Remote control on the clamp

M1 Gys Auto

Compact Mig- Mag Single Phase Synergic

M1 Gys Auto at-a-glance

The M1 GYS AUTO is a single-phase MIG-MAG, with a torch connector.

  • Single Phase Mig Mag welding
  • Multifunctional user-friendly control panel
  • Synergic mode

Maxima 230

Allows great versatility in the use of various types of materials

Maxima 230 at-a-glance

  • Multi-process inverter technology
  • Synergy pre-set curves
  • Single phase 230V, light and compact
  • Built-in trolley to store the gas cylinder
  • CE Certified
  • With overheating, over/under voltage protection

Telwin D-ARC 200

The microprocessor controlled, electronic system fit for aluminium in car body shops

Telwin D-ARC 200 at-a-glance

  • Capacitor discharge welding of studs
  • Complete with gun, earth cable
  • Studs and accessories
  • For aluminum dent repair
  • Automatic voltage reversal

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