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Gyspot PTI-S7

Compact Spot-Welding Equipment.

Gyspot PTI-S7 at-a-glance

The GYSPOT PTI-s7 is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high-strength steel.

  • Ideal C clamp for all types of metal works
  • Lightweight clamp and easy to handle: Weight 10 kg
  • Available with a clamp cable of 4m or 6m
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
  • Remote control on the clamp

Gyspot PTI-S7

The GYSPOT PTI-s7 is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high-strength steels, Its C clamp integrates a high-tech transformer and the machine also brings a solution to limited power supply issues. Its operation is extremely easy thanks to the automatic welding parameters setting in EASY mode.


  • Ideal for all types of metal (HSS / UHSS / Boron steel)
  • AUTO MODE: automatic setting of welding parameters.
  • High welding current of 14500 Amps
  • Lightweight and easy to handle C gun – 10Kg only
  • High clamping force of 550 daN
  • Lower electric consumption with 16 Amps delayed Fuze
  • High duty Factor
  • Record on SD Card of all the characteristics of the spot welding performed
  • Liquid-cooled

Technical specification

Power supply – 400 V / 3 ph
Max. Current – 14500 Amps
Fuse – 16 Amps
Weld Thickness – 3+3+3 mm
Weight – 92 Kg

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