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Stertil Koni Freedom Lift

Heavy duty 2-post lift

Stertil Koni – Freedom Lift at-a-glance

The FREEDOMLIFT’s stability and safety have been enhanced by innovative design with sophisticated construction and intelligent technology. The 2-post lift and lifting arms are streamlined and strong at the same time. Multiple automatic features – both mechanical and hydraulic, ensure maximum safety:

  •  Intelligent synchronization by means of proportional
    control valves
  •  Independently mechanical locking system engages at
    8″ above floor level
  • Locking pawl engaged by gravity
  • The locking system is always active even when the 2-post
    lift is turned off
  • Locking profile with locking increments of just 1 3/8″
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Automatic arm locking
  • Ergonomic design with no sharp edges
  • Compact foot plates minimize the risk of tripping
  • Automatic limiter when highest position is reached
  • Hold-to-run buttons on the control pane

Stertil Koni Freedom Lift

Stertil Koni – Freedom Lift

  • Ergonomic control panel: The specially designed FREEDOMLIFT control panel allows for ergonomic operation and is equipped with an integrated switch for the optional LED lighting. Reliable Electro-hydraulic system: The hydraulic cylinders are extensively tested and mounted in the posts so they are fully protected from dirt and moisture.
  • Convenient installation
    Installation of the FREEDOMLIFT is easy and quick due to the short height of the posts and the effective design of the post base plates.
  • Innovative sliding block system: The innovative sliding block system provides optimal load distribution. This state-of-the-art system is reliable and extremely durable and has been tested under maximum load with more than 20,000 lifting cycles.
  • Flexible with ample working space: The robust FREEDOMLIFT 2- post lift is efficiently designed, threshold and rigid top-beam free. The overhead aluminum tube (see diagram) is only for the protection of the hydraulic lines and electrical cables.
  • Automatic arm locking: The FREEDOMLIFT models with single and double telescopic arms have automatic arm locking for added working convenience and safety:
  • Extensively tested & reliable: The FREEDOMLIFT’s hydraulic system has a minimum of moving parts and has been tested with more than 20,000 lifting and lowering cycles at maximum lifting capacity. These test results guarantee longevity and safe use in the workshop.


TECHNICAL DATA Specifications

  • Lifting capacity – 7257 Kg
  • Lifting height – 80.7
  • Pick-up height – 5.9
  • Min. single telescopic arm length – n.a.
  • Max. single telescopic arm length – n.a.
  • Mim double telescopic arm length – 19.5
  • Max. double telescopic arm length – 56.3
  • Lifting time – 58 sec
  • Power output – 5 hp

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