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RAV 222

Ravaglioli Electromechanical Column Lifts

RAV 222 at-a-glance

  • Electromechanical 4 x 4.0 t, cable-bound, lift spindle, mobile, ideal for passenger car, transporter and mobile home
  • Suitable to lift 12 T to 60 T
  • Ideal for under-chassis inspection
  • Simultaneous lifting of 4, 6 & 8 axles at a time
  • Safety standards as per European standards, CE-certified lifts
  • Automatic lubrication of spindle & nuts by inbuilt oil pump. Maintenance free lifts
  • As per safety standards, variation in height is automatically set to level by all columns while lifting

RAV 222

RAV 222 – Electromechanical Column Lifts

  • Electronic synchronization control with an automatic emergency stop device
  • Each mobile column is equipped with a safety device in case of lift nut wear
  • The large base frame at the lift column offers max. stability.
  • On all mobile columns, the installation can be raised or lowered via push buttons.
  • Each mobile column is equipped with dead-man control and an emergency stop push-button.
  • Roll-handled spindle made of stainless steel in connection with a permanently lubricated bronze nut – guarantees maximum safety and a long life
  • Absolutely wear-proof Ertalon sliders in each lift truck guarantee max. stability with each positioning of the load
  • All motors have thermal protection – Manufactured according to EN1493: Automatic determination of the phases
  • There are no interfering lines in the work area under the vehicle
  • Adjustable wheel forks or easily attachable wheel support adapters available
  • Plug connection with electric cable from mobile column to mobile column permits short setup time
  • Self-braking gear motor connected directly to the lift spindle
  • The lift truck steel rollers are equipped with self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearings



  • Mode of drive – electromechanical
  • Communication of columns – wired
  • Number of lifting units – 4
  • Rated load capacity – 16000kg
  • Lifting capacity per lifting unit – 4000kg
  • Stroke – 1800mm
  • Min. wheel diameter – 500mm
  • Max. wheel diameter – 1200mm
  • Surface coating – Powder coated
  • Power supply – 400 v | 50 Hz
  • Fuse protection – 63A slow-blow

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