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Hunter HD Elite Wheel Balancer

Eliminate wheel-related vibrations in heavy-duty vehicles

HD Elite at-a-glance

  • Measure runout and balance faster than any traditional balancer
  • Eliminate error opportunities with the patented laser vision system
  • Solve vibration problems by detecting and matching the high spot of the tire using the diagnostic load roller
  • Ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®
  • Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology
  • True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration
  • Wheel lift assists up to 500-lb. assemblies and provides proper mounting
  • Service car and light-truck assemblies as well

Hunter HD Elite Wheel Balancer

Quickly measures runout and solves vibration issues

The ForceMatch® Heavy-duty Wheel Balancer is a truck wheel balancer that features SmartWeight technology and full diagnostic capabilities designed to minimize vibration.

Load Roller

  • Roller detects high spot of tyre and allows matching
  • Measures entire contact patch for accurate results


  • Odometer tracks savings
  • Minimizes weight usage
  • Maximizes productivity

Balance any Size Wheel

  • Services cars and light trucks
  • Uses standard adaptors

High Spot Detection

  • Match dual wheels to improve tyre wear
  • Save money on tyres, improves ride quality

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