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Stertil Koni Ecolift


Stertil Koni – In-Ground Ecolift at-a-glance

The revolutionary ebright Smart Control System combines intuitive ease of use with maximum visual information about the lifting process. Main advantages include:

  • Full-color 7-inch, high-resolution display
  • The display offers touchscreen control and works even when wearing gloves
  • All relevant information available at a glance
  • User-configured options; such as choice of language, safety warnings and scheduled maintenance notifications
  • Customizable user ID key to prevent unauthorized operation

Stertil Koni Ecolift

Stertil Koni – In-Ground EcoLift

  • Innovative Design
    The covers are driven hydraulically with an inverted rack
    and pinion system, sliding on a corrosion-resistant,
    self-cleaning surface. An industry-proven control system,
    with electronic synchronization utilizing real-time feedback,
    ensures smooth and safe operation. As standard, the
    control system includes a provision to restrict the
  • Maximum Safety
    The ECOLIFT is designed with a robust mechanical
    locking system, independent of the hydraulic cylinder.
    The mechanical locking system is active throughout the
    lifting range. When lowered into the locks, the vehicle
    is fully supported, with no pressure remaining in the
    hydraulic system.
  • Ready for the future
    With its high lifting capacity, movable lifting units with
    Continuous Recess™ and broad range of adapters, the
    ECOLIFT is suitable for an ever-changing vehicle fleet.
    Additionally, since the ECOLIFT is drop-in/bolt-in, it is
    easily relocated.
  • Adapter stand or cart for safe and easy storage of
    adapters and cover plates
  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluid
  • Automatic Wheel Base Positioning (AWBP). The ECOLIFT
    can be equipped with a system that stores wheelbase
    data for easier lift setup. The user-friendly touchscreen
    stores an infinite number of vehicle configurations, which
    in turn allows precise relocation of the moveable lifting
    units with the touch of a screen, thereby significantly
    reducing setup time
  • The HOME light beacon, when illuminated, informs the
    operator when lifting units are fully lowered and it is safe
    for the vehicle to enter or exit the bay
  • Special lift configurations are available


  • Lifting capacity – 60,000
  • Lifting height – 70 inch
  • Pit depth – 34 inch
  • Travel Range – 10, 13 & 17 ft.
  • Minimum wheelbase – starting at 48 inch
  • Lifting/Lowering time – 80/105 sec
  • Compressed air supply – Filtered/regulated 5 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Electrical supply – 3 phase, 208 Volt

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