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Texa Konfort 710 Touch

The Standard AC Recharge Station with Dual Stagre Vacuum Pump compatible with R134a

Texa Konfort 710 Touch at-a-glance

  • Compatible with R134a
  • 7” TFT IPS 1024×600 400CD
  • DATABASE and service management by SD card
  • 10 kg tank
  • Dual stage vacuum pump
  • Charging accuracy +/- 15gr
  • Automatic oil injection (timed function)
  • 2 manual recharging line control valves
  • Multi-language software
  • Automatic compensation for length of recharging lines
  • Automatic maintenance alarm

Texa Konfort 710 Touch

Technical Specifications

Display: 7” TFT IPS 1024×600 400CD
GPU: Qualcomm© Adreno™ 308 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with 64-bit addressing
Touch: Capacitive touch panel, USB/12C interface
SC200R Series Snapdragon QCM2150 Quad-core
ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit CPU @ 1.3 Ghz
STM32F103 – ARM Cortex M3 32-bit CPU

Hard disk: 16 GB eMMC
Operating system: Android 10.0
Audio peripheral: devices 1 speaker CES-703116-28PM 8ohm 2W
802.11a/b/g/n, 150 Mbps, STA/AP/P2P
2402-2480 MHz
5 Ghz

2.1+EDR/3.0/4.1 LE/4.2 BLE
2400-2483,5 MHz

RF power: 20 dBm
I/O peripheral: devices USB 2.0 x1
Primary battery: 3 V CR2032
Secondary battery: NiMh 2,4 V – 600 mAh

Fluid / Group:
R134a / 2
R456a / 1

Electronic refrigerant scale (Precision) [g]: ± 10
Electronic oil and UV tracer scales (Resolution) [g]:

Pressure transducer: Kl. 1.0
High pressure gauge [mm]: Ø 80
Low pressure gauge [mm]: Ø 80
Tank capacity [kg]: 20
Service pipes’ length [m]: 3

Filter assembly: 1 combined filter + mechanical filter
Compressor (airtight) [cc]: 12
Vacuum pump: 100 l/m, double stage, final pressure 0,03 mbar
Ambient temperature sensor (Resolution) [°C]: 1

Refrigerant purity [kg]: 150 (SAE J2099)
Recovery efficiency: > 95 % (SAE J2788 / SAE J2843)
Maximum operating pressure (PS) [bar]: 20
Safety device calibration [bar]: 20
Power supply voltage [V]: 230

Frequency (Hz): 50
Power [W]: 770
Operation temperature (TS) [°C]: 5 ÷ 40
Storing temperature [°C]: – 25 ÷ 60

Dimensions [mm]:
H: 1101
L: 598
P: 706

Weight [kg]: 90


A wide range of accessories for expanded functionality

The KONFORT TOUCH models can be used in combination with a range of optional accessories that expand their functionality and potentiality, such as:


The new KONFORT service station models offer an optional climate control efficiency kit module which allows ambient and vent temperatures to be measured.
Once the test has been carried out, the KONFORT unit provides a detailed performance report.

Forming Gas kit

It allows solving quickly and efficiently any leak detection problems in A/C systems that use refrigerants R134a and R1234yf.
Using the kit is a strategic solution, since it allows identifying the smallest gas leaks with precision.
This is due to the molecular size of the Forming Gas, much smaller than any refrigerant.


It guarantees the safe evacuation of the refrigerant, whichever its nature.
It complies with the technical, performance and safety requirements of the most important vehicle manufacturers and allows recovering up to 95% of the refrigerant in the system. At the end of the recovery, the contaminated refrigerant can be drained into a tank and disposed of.

Refrigerant identifier kit

This device immediately identifies the type of refrigerant used in the vehicle, R134a or R1234yf, and checks its purity.
The entire operation takes approximately one minute. If the refrigerant is found to be unsuitable or contaminated, the station warns the technician and stops the operation.

Thermal printer

It is possible to install a very useful thermal printer, to generate at any time an accurate report of all the operations performed.

Vehicle flushing kit

Flushing is the mechanical operation carried out to clean the air conditioning system components of a vehicle. This includes: A supplementary 6lt capacity tank with a contamination indicator, a stainless steel filter which is easily removable for cleaning, 5mm diameter hoses flushing hose and universal adapter case

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