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Telwin Digital Puller 5500 Duo

Precision and Power for Professional Pulling

Telwin Digital Puller 5500 Duo at-a-glance

  • Microprocessor controlled, electronic system for repairing of metal sheets, fit for applications in car body shops.
  • The LCD digital, multifunction control panel allows the automatic regulation of the spot welding parameters according to the chosen tool.
  • Complete with: automatic gun, manual gun, work cable with pointing mass, extractor, spindle, pulling stars.

Telwin Digital Puller 5500 Duo

  • Dual-action pulling system: The Telwin Digital Puller 5500 Duo features a dual-action pulling system that allows for precise pulling and straightening of damaged or misaligned car body parts.
  • Digital control panel: The digital control panel allows for easy and accurate adjustment of the pulling force, speed, and direction.
  • High pulling force: With a maximum pulling force of 5500 kg, this machine can handle even the most challenging pulling tasks with ease.
  • Versatile attachments: The Digital Puller 5500 Duo comes with a range of versatile attachments, including chains, hooks, and clamps, which allow for efficient and effective pulling of various types of car body parts.
  • Adjustable pulling arm: The pulling arm can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, making it possible to reach and pull even the most challenging areas of the car body.
  • Safety features: The machine is equipped with various safety features, including an emergency stop button, overload protection, and a safety hook.
  • Portable design: Despite its power and features, the Digital Puller 5500 Duo is designed to be portable, with wheels and handles that make it easy to move around the workshop or between job sites.

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